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“Typical Hardware Requirements for Customers with 5 Chip Shooters”

Database Server
One database server with the equivalent of a Pentium III 500, 256 MB Memory, 5GB Ultra Fast SCSI or RAID hard disks. Consult factory for other server options.

Oracle 7.3 and up
SQL Server 6.5 and up



Supplied By Factory (Per Machine)

  • 2 high-speed fixed-mount barcode scanners
  • Junction box between the PC and scanners
  • All brackets
  • Necessary wiring from scanner to junction box



Each Placement Machine

  • One PC with the equivalent of a Pentium II 300, 64 MB Memory, 2 GB hard disk, Ethernet adapter running Windows NT Version 4 and up
  • One handheld barcode scanner connected to the keyboard
  • Optional barcode printer